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Updated 29/05/2015

MAY 2015 

28th May 2015

Early on Thursday 28th May, below left, the last two passenger carriages being disposed of by HVR over the last few years were loaded for delivery. Later in the day, below right, they arrived at their new home in Middlesex, just south of Manjimup in WA.


These carriages were sold without wheels or any other undercarriage equipment and are to be developed into an environmental living, learning and activity centre at Stellar Violets Inc. 

11th May 2015

On Monday 11th May, the last of the sleeper replacements for the 2015 track maintenance project were completed. As part of this work, 3 lengths of very deteriorated rail were replaced in front of  the old rail gang sheds at Dwellingup. Here, the last of some 1350 sleepers replaced over six weeks is being screwed to the rails by Gavin, eagerly watched by Dave, Steve & Doug.



9th May 2015


On Saturday 9th May, all of the sleeper replacements between Dwellingup and Isandra were tamped using the two Pemberton Tramway Co tamping machines seen here approaching Isandra.





6th May 2015

On Wednesday 6th May, two days of major civil works were commenced at the Wallace Road level crossing at the Eastern end of Dwellingup station. The crossing is to have automatic flashlight protection installed. Roadway upgrades and widening required the roadway rails to be lengthened to move a rail-joint away from the new road surface area. Given this work was necessary, the opportunity was taken to trench the cabling conduit across the road diagonally beneath the rail alignment which could be done at this time at considerably less cost than conventional thrust under-boring straight under the road.





Lunchtime on the line as sleeper replacements have progressed almost to Etmilyn.

The Team, Left to Right below -

Doug Bowen from Mandurah, Steve Cochrane, Gavin Clark and Dave Conlan from Victoria.



4th May 2015 

Following completion of roundly 400 sleeper replacements on the Dwellingup - Isandra section, the Track Team continue eastward from Dwellingup to Etmilyn which will receive over 900 sleeper replacements in this year's program ending on 11th May. In the photos below, work is continuing in the 31km to 31.75km area.



APRIL 2015 

26th April 2015

New Spark Arrester plate-work and vacuum ejector exhaust pie fitted to steam loco W920 as it is prepared for the 2015 steam season.



3rd April 2015

In late April, HVR's annual Track Maintenance Project commenced for 2015. Once again the key track team members are Enginemen from Victoria's Puffing Billy Railway keen for a bit of alternative outdoor activities and giving a helping hand to a very appreciative HVR.






12th February 2015


No matter how much new technology is developed, it seems you can't beat old technology when it comes to really putting the new stuff through its paces and testing its limits.





Recently, MRX Technologies were in need of a quiet stretch of NG line to trial some of their new rail flaw detection equipment technology to iron out any little bugs etc and asked HVR if they could utilise a section of our line. The testing was carried out over most of a day between Alumina Junction and Napier Rd.




8th February 2015

On Sunday 8 Feb, the 22 large flue tubes were fitted into the boiler of W945 with crane assistance.


 Once again, the smaller fire box ends were then expanded into the rear tube plate. As can be seen, there is not a great deal of room to work in which was made more uncomfortable being a 40 degree day! Member Will Howard, assisted by fellow member Trevor Hamilton, were the lucky ones who got to learn all about such things of wonder and skills of a past era that were usually reserved for apprentices.



7th February 2015



On Saturday 7 February, serious work re-commenced on W945 with the fitting of some 17 replacement small tubes.








Once fitted and positioned, the smaller diameter fire box ends of all the new tubes were expanded into place using an air powered torque controllable rotational driver for the tube expanding tool.