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Updated 14/02/2015


12th February 2015


No matter how much new technology is developed, it seems you can't beat old technology when it comes to really putting the new stuff through its paces and testing its limits.





Recently, MRX Technologies were in need of a quiet stretch of NG line to trial some of their new rail flaw detection equipment technology to iron out any little bugs etc and asked HVR if they could utilise a section of our line. The testing was carried out over most of a day between Alumina Junction and Napier Rd.




8th February 2015

On Sunday 8 Feb, the 22 large flue tubes were fitted into the boiler of W945 with crane assistance.


 Once again, the smaller fire box ends were then expanded into the rear tube plate. As can be seen, there is not a great deal of room to work in which was made more uncomfortable being a 40 degree day! Member Will Howard, assisted by fellow member Trevor Hamilton, were the lucky ones who got to learn all about such things of wonder and skills of a past era that were usually reserved for apprentices.



7th February 2015



On Saturday 7 February, serious work re-commenced on W945 with the fitting of some 17 replacement small tubes.








Once fitted and positioned, the smaller diameter fire box ends of all the new tubes were expanded into place using an air powered torque controllable rotational driver for the tube expanding tool.