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V Class Diesel Locomotives

The V class diesel locomotive was introduced to the Tasmanian Government railways in 1948 to replace the steam locomotive on yard shunting duties. Eleven of the class were constructed in England by the Drewery Car Co. Ltd. during 1948.

V4 and G 123 await departure on a Etmilyn Siding Service. V5 stands in dwellingup yard with the Etmilyn Diner restaruant train

They were fitted with a 204 hp Gardiner 8L3 eight cylinder diesel engine and a Wilson Drewery transmission. Weighing 25.6 tonnes, the locomotives are 6.85 meters long. The original colour scheme was red but this was later changed to yellow with black diagonal warning stripes on each end. When Australian National took over operations in Tasmania, the large black TGR initials on the side were simply altered to ANR.

Unloading from the Irene Greenwood at Fremantle

In 1986, two members of this class (V4 and V5)  were purchased by Hotham Valley Railway and shipped from Burnie to Fremantle aboard the stateship "Irene Greenwood". Following drawgear conversion and painting in traffic green at Pinjarra, the locomotives were transferred to Dwellingup where they now haul the forest railway services.




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